Following is a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may be of assistance in answering your question(s) about SCAIR.

1. What is SCAIR and what services does it provide?

SCAIR is a 501C (3) non-profit, community-based organization whose goal is to service Native American/Alaska Native/ Hawaiian Native parents, children and families who are pursuing career, educational and personal goals. For more details about SCAIR  programs, please go to our Services section.

2.Does SCAIR fund educational pursuits?

SCAIR does not fund long-term educational pursuits directly, but we can help provide you with information regarding college options and scholarship opportunities. Tribal TANF Participants interested in educational funding assistance through the Tribal TANF Training Program, should contact their Tribal TANF Case Worker for eligibility and more information. The SCAIR Native NetWORKS Program provides some assistance for trade schools/ apprenticeships/ On-The-Job Training on a case-by-case basis, after eligibility has been determined.

If you are interested in scholarship and grant opportunities please visit:

American Indian College Fund

Bureau of Indian Education

3. How do I find out more information about Native American Genealogy?

For more info on tracing Native American Ancestry and for Certificate Degree of Indian blood, please visit:

Bureau of Indian Affairs

4. Does SCAIR provide cash assistance, emergency housing or transportation?

SCAIR may provide assistance for a number of emergency services through specific programs, should Participants meet eligibility requirements. For more information, please call to schedule an intake to determine eligibility.

San Diego Tribal TANF

5. Who do I contact for more information regarding Native American Speakers/Performers for Community or School Gatherings?

The following individuals can provide you with information for potential speakers and performers:

Randy Edmonds & Bonnie Jerome-Edmonds
SCAIR Senior Advisors