Community Services


SCAIR is a community-based organization and our goal is to service eligible Native American/ Alaska Natives/ Hawaiian Native Participants and families through at least one of our existing programs.

THE SCAIR Resource Center is available and accessible for community members who may not meet the eligibility for SCAIR’s Programs. Community members will be asked to register their information with SCAIR upon their first visit.


SCAIR promotes and supports the Soaring Eagles and the San Diego Unified School District’s Title VI Indian Education Cultural Awareness Workshops. These programs bring together families, youth and elders from different tribes to share in traditional Native American cultural experiences, community nights and inter tribal powwow dances.

For more information on San Diego Unified’s Title VI, Indian Education Program, please contact Connie GreyBull at [email protected]. For more information on the Soaring Eagles, please contact Vickie Gambala at [email protected]