Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bill? Use major appliances when energy is less expensive, before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m., Monday – Sunday. Here are more ways to save energy and money while staying cool.

First, let’s talk about appliances. They tend to use a lot of energy and heat up your home so, with that in mind, consider the following:

  1. Change the way you cook: Turn off the oven and stovetop as much as possible. These appliances can give off lots of heat and warm up your home. Instead, use microwaves, air fryers, slow cookers, backyard grills or eat foods that don’t need to be cooked. If you’re going to use your oven, do it sparingly and during the coolest part of the day.
  2. Change how you wash your clothes: Use cold water to wash your clothes so you don’t have to pay to heat the water. Cold water helps reduce wrinkles and remove stains. Washing in cold can help your clothes last longer, prolong vibrancy and maintain their shape and size. Always aim for full loads of laundry and consider line drying clothes.
  3. Don’t “heat dry” your dishes: When running your dishwasher, turn off the “heat dry” cycle and let dishes air dry instead.
  4. Use smart plugs for appliances: One of the best smart plug uses is to connect appliances to them. Smart plugs allow you to schedule when your appliances are on or off – even remotely. They also help reduce “vampire draw” because appliances still use energy when they’re off but still plugged in.

Beyond appliances, here are other great ways to stay cool and save big:

  1. Check out SDG&E’s new RES program: Do you rent or own a single-family home? Eligible customers may receive free products such as smart thermostats, low-flow showerheads, brushless fan motors, HVAC services like air duct testing and sealing – and more.  SDG&E has contracted with Synergy Companies to provide customers with energy efficiency audits from their experts. Customers can request a home visit at or by calling 1-888-272-8394. Learn more at
  2. Save with Golden State rebates: Receive rebates toward the purchase of energy-efficient products like smart thermostats, water heaters and room air conditioners. Get details at Visit for the product list.
  3. Sign up for SDG&E’s Power Saver Rewards: Earn a bill credit of $2 per kilowatt hour when you reduce your energy use when the grid needs it the most. Get details at
  4. Use ceiling fans instead of the A/C: Ceiling fans can save up to 25 percent on cooling costs and reduces your home’s temperature up to ten degrees. In warmer temps, fans should be set counterclockwise for
    the best cooling effect.

For more ideas on how to save energy, visit